The COVID-19 Grief Hangover

  1. Acknowledge That You’re Hurting and then Talk About It. As sick to pieces as everyone is of Zoom/Meet-Up/Teams/WebEx as a means of talking about our feelings, find someone or a group of someones who supports and loves you and will listen when you’re hurting over the frustration and sadness. Look to a local grief counselor, even with a hospital or hospice group. By now, they’re attuned to the “new” grief and willing to help.
  2. Lament. The age-old wisdom of the lament is a worthwhile way of communicating your sadness, anger, and feelings of being lost to God. The Bible’s book of Job is the lament of a man who lost everything and cried out in his profound sadness to God as he sat in the dirt with his friends. Write out your cry to God for healing and for change. Revisit it and one day in the near future write out your joy when sadness has washed over you and washed away.
  3. Give Yourself the Grace You Deserve. You were not meant to control the universe. You have nothing to feel guilty about. All you can do is take one step, then the next. One breath followed by the next. If you need a nap take a nap. If your body can tolerate a Snickers bar, eat one slowly. Then close your eyes, thank God for the good that continues to exist in the world, and go forward.
  4. Build on Faith. Your faith in God is vitally important to Spiritual, emotional, and even physical health. This isn’t the faith of unrealistic expectations or belief in superheroes. It’s the faith built on knowing that God loved humanity enough to sacrifice His Son for their salvation. He grieves when we grieve.




Andy Thompson is a Bereavement Care Coordinator with Caring Circle Hospice, Pastor, and Emergency! superfan.

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Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson

Andy Thompson is a Bereavement Care Coordinator with Caring Circle Hospice, Pastor, and Emergency! superfan.

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